Our educational and editorial teams are selected according to strict criteria of commitment to scholarly rigour. Teaching and learning resources (textbooks, manuals and handouts) are verified for accuracy, authenticity and clarity.


Our publications (texts as well as audio-visual materials) are planned to meet the demands and expectations of a wide range of age groups, geographical and cultural environments, emulating the highest standards of educational approaches and techniques. The material is presented in  a style as instructive as it is attractive, stretching the reader’s mind as well as stimulating curiosity and the interest to pursue further study.


Education for All is independent. It has no affiliation to any political, ideological or commercial establishment or interest group.  For our mission to truly attain its aims, we have realized from the start that our commitment must be confined to genuine scholarship, working with all people and agencies who share our interest without being subservient to any sectarian or material interests.


Education for All is not only education for now. While preparing material to address the current and topical needs in a rapidly changing world, subjects are carefully selected for their enduring value, addressing predictable evolution of practical and intellectual needs.


Education for all a non-profit enterprise. The organization work ethic and motive derive from a clear perception of the vital need for education at all levels in counties that need it most. Though not a panacea, education has the transformative power to eradicate many social ills and personal handicaps, enlightening minds and guiding communities.  It is a worthy cause, and to this cause we are inexorably committed.


We embrace the principles or independence and dedication outlined above in order to achieve, and sustain, the impartiality so important for teaching and learning. To seek objectivity, to avoid bias, are rules that can be flouted only at the price of educational integrity. Facts may be interpreted, illustrated, interestingly presented, but they must never be coloured, distorted or fabricated.