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There is a widespread recognition among Muslims that the Muslim world is facing hard times and that all efforts to awaken it from the dormancy of decadence seem to have failed or led even to greater harm, to cures worse than the illness. The programme of ”Education for All” emerges from a lengthy study of this predicament in which Muslims, inheritors of the great Arab and Muslim civilization, find themselves today. The programme constitutes a methodical appraisal of previous attempts at an Islamic reawakening. It seeks to re-address the problem in a fresh, thorough and painstaking way, the way Islam led Muslims to its glory through a message whose leading principle was ”education” as enshrined in the very first word of the Quran: ”Read”

Education For All is a foundation based in London with projected branches, offices, consultants and correspondents all over the world. It has come to birth as a result of the joint efforts of Muslim minds alive to the dictates of responsibility and the pressing need for reform. It is the fruit of a team work of educators, scientists, physicians, writers, artists and intellectuals working in diverse professional and academic fields. The founders come from various countries within and outside the Islamic world, sharing a common concern for the future of the Muslim world and the welfare of Muslims everywhere.

United by the belief in the civilization of dialogue among all nations, urged by the desire to promote  humane understanding, committed to the cause of knowledge as a means  to dispel ignorance and hate,  the founders believe that it is time for Muslims to contribute to human heritage today as they have done in the past and to join hands with people of goodwill to  make  the world a better place. A Muslim, as our faith teaches, is a world citizen, and there is no time better than this century to forge an international citizenship if educational resources, the scientific and technological achievements of our times are fairly distributed and introduced as widely as possible.


United by the belief in the power of education in reforming societies, Education For All will put in a place a scheme that will lead learners from Kindergarten to the gates of universities along educational routes that combined humanities and science, social and historical studies, all designed to suit their ages and environment, affirming their Muslim culture and identity and their affiliation with the human community at large.


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Our first and most important long term project. No one will dispute the importance of education and its impact on all aspects of life.


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Education is a human right

Education is a human right, and its diffusion among men and women, children and adults, has never been as accessible as it is today. By educating our young today, we educate our leaders of tomorrow. The elimination of ignorance in a village is a political act and is more revolutionary than the military elimination of an entire city. Education is, then, the first step to higher goals. A small seed gives berth to a great oak. The scheme that Education for All will put in place, in schools and institutions all over the Muslim world, will lead learners from  Kindergartens to the gates of universities along educational routes that combine the humanities and sciences, social and historical studies, all designed to suit their ages and environment, affirming their Muslim culture and identity and their affiliation with the human community at large.

Want to help?

There are lots of ways you can help and take part in the expansion of EFA. The organisation is always looking for new ideas and suggestions for future research, possible projects, recommendations of experts, etc. You can send us these ideas and suggestions and play your part in achieving EFA’s goals.

The Educational and Learning Process

In this scheme not only students and teachers will be the participants in the educational and learning process, but also parents and guardians. There will be also another route designed for the education of adults and additional programmes for advancing the cause of continuing education. Reading will be the backbone of Education For All, and by reading is meant not only the reading of books but also the reading of nature and the universe. Where films, and audio-visual facilities and resources are used, learners must be made aware that this material has its roots in reading and writing. A good film begins with a written script, read and interpreted by a director, and the final results is a joint product of educated minds. This is a point that our scheme stresses because of a pernicious tendency that has fostered the belief that reading is an old-fashioned thing, which in turn leads to mental sloth and intellectual apathy. In the founder’s vision of education for all the laboratory must serve the library, and the library must enlighten and humanize the laboratory. “Read” is the first word of the Quran revealed to the Prophet and ”think” with its many derivatives permeates the Holy book. The message of Education for All is that reading and thinking, in a word education, is the road that Muslims must take now to a better tomorrow.