Education is a human right. Become a supporter its diffusion among men and women, children and adults,
has never been as accessible as it is today
By educating our young today,
we create our leaders of tomorrow
The elimination of ignorance in a village is a political act and is
more revolutionary than the military elimination of an entire city.
Education is, then, the first step to higher goals.
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Welcome To Education For All

Education For All is a foundation based in London with projected branches, offices, consultants and correspondents all over the world. It has come to birth as a result of the joint efforts of Muslim minds alive to the dictates of responsibility and the pressing need for reform. It is the fruit of a team work of educators, scientists, physicians, writers, artists and intellectuals working in diverse professional and academic fields. The founders come from various countries within and outside the Islamic world, sharing a common concern for the future of the Muslim world and the welfare of Muslims everywhere.

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United by the belief in the power of education in reforming societies, Education For All will put in a place a scheme that will lead learners from Kindergarten to the gates of universities along educational routes that combined humanities and science, social and historical studies, all designed to suit their ages and environment, affirming their Muslim culture and identity and their affiliation with the human community at large.

Advice for Muslim Parents on RSE

This book helps educate muslim parents on how to deal with and handle challenges related to RSE with their children.


Together we can change the world for the better.

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